Choosing a Local Church

Many people give little thought as to why they are part of one local church rather than another. When they are asked to give reasons, typical responses include, “Our children like the youth program”; “My family has gone there for years”; “We like the building”; “The people are friendly.”

It is quite true that the local church should be family‑oriented, should have a friendly Christian atmosphere, and should provide opportunities for involvement for young and old alike. But as important as these things are (and some of them should be characteristic of the local church), none is more important than, or even as important as, adherence to the Bible alone in all matters of faith and practice. It is this that we should look for in a local church. In fact, if this is present, then the other important characteristics will be present automatically.

We encourage you to compare what is written here with the Word of God.

For additional information about our local church, see Nature of the Church or Advantages of the New Testament Church.