What is Believers’ Fellowship?

It is the purpose of Believers’ Fellowship to function as a local church in accordance with the principles taught by the apostles and found in the New Testament. We are independent and non-denominational; we hold to the Word of God as the only authority for faith and practice; and we view apostolic teaching as valid for our age and culture. We are not “charismatic.”

Some people may feel that we are trying to be different just to be different. But that is not our purpose.  Everyone should remember that we have to examine the Bible continually and adjust our practices according to what the Spirit of God shows us. While we do not want to offend anyone, at times it takes straight talk to clarify issues.

We encourage you to compare what we teach with the Bible and we extend a warm and Christian welcome to anyone who desires to meet with us.

For additional information about our local church, see Our Meetings, Our Leadership, More About Our Meetings, Choosing a Local Church, Nature of the Church, or Advantages of the New Testament Church.