We’re glad you’re visiting us! We suspect that you won’t be on this site very long before you realize that we’re different from most local churches. We want you to understand several things about us, so we have provided you with this explanation of why we do what we do.

We are attempting to take very seriously what the New Testament says about how Christians should meet together. This can be seen in our “people structure” and in the nature of our meetings (services). To put it simply, it’s our goal to put into practice what the apostles taught in the first century about the local church. Of course, we want to follow all 66 books of the Bible, too, for our complete Christian life.

Although we are not large, we meet the New Testament standards for a local church. We have leadership, provide for the ordinances (the Lord’s Supper and baptism), have regular meetings (services) on the Lord’s Day and carry out pastoral ministry. We are organized as a non‑profit organization in the state of Pennsylvania. We want, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to have a significant influence on this geographical area.

Please feel free to ask us for help on any questions you might have. We’re glad you’ve visited our site. For more information or for spiritual help, we encourage you to contact us.

For additional information about our local church, see What is Believers’ FellowshipOur Meetings, Our Leadership or Times & Location.