Advantages of the New Testament Church

Advantages of following the teaching of the New Testament in regard to local church organization and practice

  • It fulfills the need for Christ to be Head.
  • It allows the full counsel of the Word of God to be applied to the individual believer and the local church.
  • It provides more balanced ministry, edifying people through spiritual gifts.
  • It gives more opportunity for the use of gifts and provides a structure for development of gifts, especially speaking gifts.
  • It allows the free work of the Holy Spirit.
  • It encourages gifted speakers to open the Bible accurately and in ways that capture the attention of hearers.
  • It makes believers more aware of their responsibilities before God.
  • It provides, through multiple leadership, a means for uncovering and stopping doctrinal error.
  • It is adaptable in times of persecution.
  • It encourages natural evangelism.
  • It encourages greater awareness of and participation in missions.
  • It discourages placing our confidence in human beings.
  • It is adjustable to all societies.

We encourage you to compare what is written here with the Word of God.